Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday's Seven - Reinstated

A chance to reflect on the week and emphasize the positives.

1. 20th Grad Reunion - After my last post, I stand corrected. What a great night I had on Friday with so many of my classmates. Lots of laughs, lots of stories and very little sleep. Can't believe how good everyone looks too. There's a rumor going that we won't wait 10 years next time because we had so much darn fun.

2. Clean car - Thanks mom.

3. Visit with Kathie - just 24 hours long, but wonderful. Great food, good coffee and lovely chats as always.

4. A new stylist - love that I have finally found a fabulous hair stylist and right in Port Moody. Thanks Courtney for hiding all the grey again.

5. Skills Development - Morgan was chosen for a summer skills development camp for baseball this summer and after only one season in the league. He thinks it's totally boring, but will go again if it means he gets to bat.

6. Time with Friends - Had so much fun with the Ewonus family last weekend in Powell River. Truly some of the best people I know.

7. Blowing off Birthdays - I'm so happy that Morgan decided his Saturday afternoon was better spent with Nana and playing with his close friends than going to a birthday party of a kid he barely likes. It was just an hour before the party and he said, " I don't really want to go". Sweet darling, do what makes you happy.

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