Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Seven

How did the week go by already? Spent half of it up the coast with the kids. We had a mix of sun with rainy days, but they stayed behind for a few days while I've come home for a little mama time. So without further ado, my Sunday seven:

1. The Grandparents:  Eternally there to love our children, give me a break and spoil them beautifully. The kids love spending time with them and everyone wins. I grew up with a lovely grandma that spent a lot of time with me and had me over for sleepovers almost weekly and would play for hours. I have very fond memories of her and I'm so happy that my children are having a chance to build the same memories with their grandparents.

2. Music:  I've been spending quite a bit of time exploring music the past week. Checking out some of the chart toppers and reconnecting with old favorites. I love having music play in our house as I get some things done around here. I downloaded a great mix of Adele, Lady Antebellum, Paul Brandt, Lady Gaga and more and enjoyed the drive to and from Powell River with it cranked. Nothing like music to pull you out of a mood or at least create a good one.

3. The Sun: it finally showed up this weekend. I'm refreshing the Fijian tan and lovin' laying around it, reading my book and relaxing.

4. Tatiana and Alexander:  I'm on the final book of Paullina Simons trilogy that begins with the Bronze Horseman. I love escaping into this book. The characters are real, there is so much loss and hope and it's been a great way to spend my summer.

5.  Laughs with Girlfriends:  I wanted to get out of the house yesterday afternoon and Doug wanted to stay in. Perfect time to connect with a girlfriend and I knew exactly who to call. SUE! So for one hour we laid out on her front lawn, gabbed and laughed as we picked weeds out of her lawn. We don't get together enough, but when we do, we pick up right where we were last time and laugh as always.

6. Ego Boosts:  Who knew the ferry and front lawns could be such rewarding experiences. On Thursday, I had the benefit of two men sharing their interests with me on the ferry. Amazing what comes when a women is kid free and completely relaxed. And then while lounging on the lawn at a friends yesterday, the men driving by were happy to extend their glances and smiles our way again. Nothing like a few lingering glances, whistles and mhmmms to put a smile on a women's face.

7.  Freshly mowed lawn:  Doug mowed the back yard yesterday and it just brings the beauty of our back yard all together. It's why I wanted this house.

And there we have this week's list of blessings and gratitudes.


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