Monday, July 4, 2011

Insect DEFEND Patch

Last summer we had a ball at the beach on the Sunshine Coast, but we learned in the process that Tess is incredibly attractive to mosquitoes (she gets bit more than 4x what I get) and she reacts to the bites with monstrous and incredibly itchy welts. I spent last summer trying a number of different options for defending her from the pesky bugs... various bug sprays and wipes that washed off the minute she went swimming and had to be reapplied often, homeopathic options to prevent biting and also treat the reaction, as well as nightly doses of Benadryl to stop the itching so she wouldn't wake up bleeding. 

A few weeks ago, I was looking through the weekly flyers and saw an ad for the Insect DEFEND Patch.

It's advertised as an all-natural patch that is DEET free (a must for most people) and safe for children age 1 and older. I figured I'd try it as nothing had proved to work well yet. The patch is waterproof, lasts up to 36 hours and is effective about 2 hours after applying it. It contains 75mg Thiamine (vitamin B1).I did do a little research about Thiamine and learned that it is found mainly in fortified breads and cereals, whole grains, pasta, lean meats, fish, dried beans, peas and soybeans. So if you have a low carb diet or don't eat fish and lean meats, chances are you are missing this crucial vitamin. Also good to know is that most supplements contain 50 - 100 mg of thiamine and because it is water soluble it is unlikely to reach toxic levels (we just pee out what we don't need). 

We just got back home after four nights away and the mosquitoes were about the same as they usually are (well Doug says there seemed to be less, but they were bigger than usual). We used two patches on Tess over the weekend, the first we put in between her shoulder blades and after a couple of days, we changed it and put the next one lower on her back. The second choice wasn't so good as the edges lifted up and sand got under the edges of the patch. But Tess has less bites than the rest of us (she may have four or five bites) which I think is because we didn't put the patch on before we got up there allowing for the two hours pre-exposure, and she slept without the patch on one night after her bath. The bites she did get are normal sized too and not as intensely itchy as they were last year.

At the price of $6.99 (at Canadian Tire) for 5 patches, they are a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

Here is a link for the company.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the info! All three of my kids are very allergic to mosquitoe bites and the bites become monstrous and itchy welts as well. No amount of bug spray has ever worked for them. Glad to hear of a product that actually works and is safe. I'm going to head to Cdn Tire today and pick a few boxes up.

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