Wednesday, July 6, 2011

High School Reunions

What exactly is the fascination with our pasts? And I don't mean the fascination with our ancestry, I mean the interest in reminiscing with people from high school. How did it come about that every 10 years we feel it's necessary to get together with people we survived our teen years with? Those are some of the hardest years in our lives, seriously, anyone want to sign up to do their teens again? Not me. Do we really need to all come together to remember the time so and so back stabbed so and so, or the drama of teenaged angst? I'm sure we're all past all the drama, but those weren't my happiest years and life does just keep getting better and better. Is that the point of the reunions? To show everyone who we've become? Share our accomplishments, parade photos of our cute kids about? Why bother, do these people really matter? Do I really care what they think about my kids, my husband, where I live now and what I'm doing with my life? No. But yet, I'm going ... again.

Ten years ago I went to my first high school reunion. It wasn't what I'd call a great event, but I heard the pub night the night before was better (I missed out seeing the cool kids I guess). So here I sit, just two days away from my 20th high school reunion which I've been convinced to go to and I'm wondering why I said yes. At least this time I'm going to the pub night, but really, it's not exciting me all that much.

With Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, most of the people I have any desire to stay in touch with I've already added to my friends lists and even then, we never arrange to get together. I have two high school friends that are truly still friends. We went to each other's weddings (we were even a part of the ceremony), we celebrated the births of our babies, and we get together somewhat regularly. If I truly cared about the other people I graduated with, wouldn't I be trying harder to stay in touch instead of just commentating on their latest photo from holidays and where they are eating lunch? 

But I'm never one to shy away from something that could go either way, and my bff and I have decided that if it's lame, we'll go make some fun elsewhere. Here's to high school friends 20 years later.

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